Youth Dodgeball Tournament; December 10th, 2023


The 2022 WAY2PLAY dodgeball tournament will be held on Sunday December 11th in the Gwyn-McClure Gym at Campbell High School from 1 pm-5 pm.
The tournament will be broken down in to four grade level divisions; K/1st, 2nd/3rd, 4th/5th, and 6th-8th.
Players must register as individuals but MOST teammate requests will be honored. If you have a full team already made, please send that list to
Check in will begin at 12:30 pm with games beginning promptly at 1 pm.  There will be no onsite/same day registration.  On-line registration will close on Sunday December 4th at 10 pm.  Late registrations will not be permitted.
Here are the rules:
  1. The Dodgeball court will be approximately 60’ x 30’.
  2. Each team will start with 6 players on the court with a maximum of 9 players on a team. The additional 3 players may not start the game but will be first in the “resurrection” line (see rule #11).  Teams may start with a minimum of 4 players.
  3. Games will last 3 minutes. At the end of time the team with the most players left on the court will be the winner.
  4. At the end of the 3 minutes if there are the same number of players on the court the game will reset with the remaining players. The next out loses.
  5. If the game comes down to 1 player per side, they have 10 seconds to hit each other out; if not, “Showdown” comes into effect. The game resets with each player getting two balls. The center line is dissolved and you may run anywhere on the court.  The first player to get the other player out wins.
  6. The games will have 2 referees that will start the game, confirm hits and catches, and count ball possession time.
  7. There will be 6 balls on the center line at the start of each game. Balls must be brought back to an “activation” line at the start of the game in order to be thrown.  Once activated they are in play for the rest of the game.
  8. You are out if: a) you step on or over a sideline or centerline; b) a thrown live ball hits your body below the head while standing; c) you throw a live ball and it is caught in the air by an opponent; d) you throw a live ball and it hits an opponent above the shoulders while they are standing
  9. A thrown live ball can only eliminate 1 player.  Thrown balls that hit the ground, the wall, other balls, or other objects before hitting the opponent are considered dead balls, and are ineligible to hit players out.
  10. You may block a thrown ball with a held ball. However, if you drop the blocking ball during the act of blocking, or if you fail to make a clean block (as in the thrown ball still ends up hitting or grazing your body afterwards), you are out.
  11. If you are out, line up on the side in the order you got out (think of it as being in an “resurrection” line). If your teammate catches a ball, the player at the start of your team’s “resurrection” line comes back into play after touching the back wall (the teammate must be in the line at the time of the catch to be eligible to be brought back in).
  12. You can only hold a ball for 10 seconds, afterwards, it will be considered dead. Dead balls need to be rolled over immediately to the other team.
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